Hayes - 5 year old American Eskimoo male. Hayes weighs 21 lbs. I love this dog! He is perfectly house trained, NEVER has an accident. He does okay with other dogs as long as they are not crazy hyper in your face dogs. Hayes has one flaw and one flaw only and that is he is timid with hand motions. This only last for a short time but he absolutely cannot go home with any children at all! he would do best in a home with structure and routine's as he has a little OCD himself. Likes his bed kept neat, his fur kept clean and his food tidy in his bowl. lol
He is very affectionate with his humans...But again terrified of hand movements and quick approaching things like kids.



Look at this face will ya...HOW does he NOT have a home?

Bailey is the sweetest most loving dog ever. He loves his people,truly he does.

He is 7 years old and had a home but his love was not enough to keep his owner from leaving him behind when she moved.

Now he goes to doggie daycare everyday and waits for someone to pick him up at night to take him home.



Tigress is a 9 year old Blue Healer female. Her owner was admitted into a nursing home that does not allow dogs so now she finds herself homeless. She is blind so she will be scared and reactive for the first couple weeks to get use to her new surroundings but once she is acclimated she is such a sweet girl.  She likes belly rubs too,. She has been fine with other dogs, doesn't really play so she would not like a young dog constantly bugging her to chase them.  A nice senior female would be perfect for her if she could pick her person out herself that is what she would choose. She is a very good dog and calm easy going girl.

Sponsored By:  Susan Atkinson


Snookie is a 6 year old Shepherd/Pittie mix female. She is friendly but would do best with families with older children. She loves to play ball and get belly rubs but does not like to share her toys with dogs or humans. She is not aggressive but nippy when trying to take it away.. so we play "Trade-up" with great success.  

She is house trained and well mannered in the home. She has made friends at the sanctuary but a family who is only wanting one dog in the home would be best for her so she does not have to share. She listens well to commands and is very smart.

Tabitha or Tabbie

Tabbie is a 6 year old Heeler mix female. She is the sister of Matilda. She would do best adopted along with her sister. They would not do well with other dogs in the family either.

They had no socialization growing up so they are fearful of people and other dogs.


Princess was rescued on her last day of life from animal control in Chicago Illinois.  She is a very pretty tan/white Pittie mix girl. She LOVES people, LOVES them all. But she does not like other girl dogs or cats. Princess would love to have all the attention she can get, belly rubs, walks, car rides, you name it as long as she is with her person she is happy. Princess is about 8 years old and weighs nearly 50 lbs.