Thank you for considering volunteering! To start the process you can begin by completing the application below. Though it may seem a little lengthy, it is our mission to seek out the best possible volunteers for the safety of our rescued friends.  Once you complete the application you should receive a reply within 3 days. If you do not, simply send us a reminder.


Must be at least 18 years old to volunteer


If you are nervous about volunteering, please don't be.. Hope is truly a family like atmosphere where we love meeting new people and we all share the common interest and bond of loving our pets and wanting to help some dogs who are less fortunate and are waiting for their forever home.  Yes,  this is a shelter but in the grand scheme of things, Hope is "The Hilton" when compared to other shelters. 

It's not time consuming.  We start at 9am and most volunteers are done by noon. (so that would be only 3 hours out of your day [Sat. or Sun.], once or twice a month)  You won't work alone.. we always strive have at least two volunteers per building which houses only 16 dogs.  Afterwards you are welcome to take a dog of your choice to one of the play yards, for a walk on our beautifully manicured walk path through nature, out for a ride and an ice cream or a happy meal, the possibilities are limitless.  

But you first have to sign up and come ...  and when you do I promise .. on your drive home that day.. you will smile and have a new sense of purpose and pride knowing that you made some four legged kid's day special just by coming.

So please ...  Sign up today... stop procrastinating    We need you.. The dogs need you..   Today !!

Thank You.. 
Kim Lee
Co-founder /Sanctuary Director


10 Reasons to Come:

  1. Be a part of the solution
  2. Get warm fuzzies and lots of Doggie kisses
  3. Enjoy a wagging tail and a smile
  4. Fun group activity
  5. Meeting people with common interest
  6. De-Stress from work.. or just life in general
  7. Boost your mood - and your health
  8. Feel the accomplishment of helping pets in need
  9. Gaining experience if you plan to adopt some day
  10. Great for resume