Thank you to Rocky's Sponsor
Briana Coleman

Rocky is a 8 year old Boxer mix male who was rescued from a horrible life.  He was abused and neglected and has some scars from that both physically and emotionally. Rocky has a limp that is permanent from his abuse. He loves other dogs and plays well with them. He is shy with strangers for about 2 minutes. He is knee high and chunky.


Mikey is a 3 year old Pitt Mix who was rescued from animal control as a young pup where he was dying of parvo.  Before he came to us he was beaten, chained, and not loved at all. He was very shy but with love and patience we now find that he loves chasing balls, getting attention or just hanging out with someone. 

He does great with other dogs. He is so sweet but because of his past he never learned to smile so he is very often misunderstood.  No small children but for the right someone, they will be getting a very loyal sweet friend when they take him home.



Kelton is a 4 year old Mountain Curr dog. He is friendly,active and smart. He does good with some other dogs but does not like to share his food or toys , He would do best in a home with no small children. He likes all people and enjoys car rides, the outdoors including camping we hear. This type of breed is very good for outgoing families he will enjoy anything you want to do right along with you. Check him out.

Sponsored By: Susan Ramey


Rango is a 9 year old Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix.  He was rescued on what was to be his last day of life at Jefferson County Missouri Animal Control.  They had him listed as people aggressive, but upon our observations we found that he is a typical Chihuahua type dog, and you have to bring more than just you to win him over, he prefers Beggin' strip bribes. Once you make friends he is a bundle of playful, adorable little buddy personality. He is a nice dog who was nearly passed over by everyone because no one tried to figure out what breed he was and if his behavior was typical of that breed. Rango weighs just under 11 lbs. He is house trained, and well mannered in the home.