Mandy is a 5 year old PitBull Terrier female who is a pretty silver brown color.  She is not good with other dogs and we think she was seriously mistreated as she is very submissive with people like she has been beaten. She is gentle with humans and enjoys walks through the park. She is house trained, rides well in the car, likes belly rubs and walks well on her leash. Mandy is a very sweet loving dog who has obviously not been treated like a part of a family though her actions will tell you in a heart beat that she truly wants to have a chance at being treated  as a loving member of a family. Mandy has a big brother who has come and taken her out for the day to the campus at SIUE where he says she really bonded with him quickly and was very attentive and calm.  Her big brother said she will bond very fast with her new person and become very quickly a very loyal friend. If you are considering a dog please consider this sweet mistreated girl.  She will pay you back ten fold for your act of kindness.