Lilly 2

This love of a dog is Lily. She is 13. Her family left her tied to a pole when they no longer wanted her. 
She needs special food because of her failing kidneys. We don't know if she has 6 months or 3 years left but we KNOW she deserves to live it. 
Sometimes she has a little piddle accident, not often though. Heck at over 50 sometimes if I laugh too hard I could have a little piddle accident too, so I can't fault her for one. ????. 
She is wonderful with other dogs though she will try to steal their dinner so you have to watch her. 
She is quiet, easy going and very sweet. 
At some point she was hit by a car or had some other type of injury to her back legs, so they are not as strong as they should be. 
She weighs maybe 20 lbs. 
She is ok here in our home with our dogs but we would love it if someone would give her a home with their family. We have a large pack and would like her to have all the attention she deserves in her golden years. 

Sponsored By: Jeanne Kennedy