Annie - Adopted

Meet Annie a 1 year old female Beagle rescued from Madison County Animal Control today..Thank you Tammy Hogue for being her taxi driver.
She was there as a bite case because during some fireworks some kids chased her or cornered her and she bit one of them...Poor thing had to be terrified.
Anyway because of that no small children...
She is super friendly even with strangers, house trained and on the small side for a Beagle.

Lucianna - Adoption Pending

Lucianna (Luci for short) Paloma - 11 month old Terrier female about 10 lbs. This adorable little character was a street dog in Mexico until she was rescued by a Hope volunteer.
She is very active and very affectionate.
She is rude in play with other dogs, though she thinks that is how you play so her manners will need some work. She does not share her food well with other dogs as well. Probably from living on the street.
She is great with children and all other people.