Shelby was picked up Thursday morning (12/09/2010) in Godfrey IL after being shot in the stomach with an arrow and left to die in the woods.

Authorities from Madison County Animal Control contacted Hope Animal Rescues to ask whether they could help a 4-year-old Shetland sheepdog that had been shot with an arrow.  Jackie Spiker and Kim Lee of Hope Animal Rescues in Alton quickly responded and drove to Edwardsville, intending to take the dog to Daniel Randall Veterinary Clinic in Godfrey, but decided because of how much she was bleeding and by how much blood she had already lost, that they needed to find a closer location.  "She was losing so much blood that we didn't want to take the 30 minutes," Spiker said. "Kim helped her stand up in the back of the van while I drove. She couldn't lie down, because the arrow was sticking out of both sides, and we were worried that she would hurt herself further." 

 Shelby was immediately rushed to Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital in Collinsville, where she underwent emergency surgery lasting several hours to remove the arrow, her damaged spleen and to repair four injured areas in her bowel. Hope then transferred her Thursday night to Hawthorne Animal Hospital in Glen Carbon so she could receive 24-hour supervision.  

Authorities learned Shelby's name and identified her former owners through a microchip. When contacted, the owners said Shelby had been missing for about six weeks; they signed papers to surrender her to Hope Rescues.  

The person that shot Shelby was never found but the investigators did believe that the person responsible, was aware of what they had done because the identifying markers on the arrow had been broken off.  

After a long recovery, Shelby was adopted to an amazing family and is living a wonderful life.

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