Two men passed a box on the side of the road with what looked like a tail sticking out of one side. They went back to check to see what was in the box. Inside they found a dog that was so weak he could not stand. A farmer drove by and stopped also, he said that he saw the people dump the dog in the box about two weeks ago.

So, for two weeks this little guy has been in this box while the temperature has been below freezing with no food, no water, and before these young men stopped, no one to care.  Because he was so malnourished he had to have special feedings every  two hours with small amounts of food to avoid him getting bloat from eating too much at once. We took him to the vet the next day and what we found was awful. This poor dog could not get out of the box because someone had shot him in the back end shattering his right rear leg. The bullet had also taken a chunk out of his other rear leg. The bullet is from a riffle and is rather large. It is lodged just the other side of his intestines and has gone through his colon. The wound is estimated to be about two weeks old and is healing though not altogether correctly, it is getting better. Because of his weak state we cannot perform any surgeries at this time. He is about 12 lbs under weight,and in desperate need of love and care. He is extremely gentle and house trained, he likes all other animals and has been great with our pets. Mel appears to be about two years old and a beagle mix. His medical needs will be taken care of before he will be allowed to go home but we hope that someone out there who loves dogs will be touched by his story and reach out to him. He will need a stable home, with lots of love, and tenderness.

And there is more to this young dog's horrors to tell you. Someone has injured his little pee pee and it does not work right which causes him to pee on his leg when he goes outside. Mel has too many scars on his body for us to count but the one thing he does still have is forgiveness. He has accepted us and allowed us to handle him in any way we need though he must still be in pain. His tail wags gently every time we touch him. His brown eyes look up to us for help and we intend to give him the very best home a dog could have until another home earns this young pup's trust.

We don't understand the people in this world who could do such awful things to a little dog that can't even scream for help. Nor do we understand how so many could have passed that box knowing what was inside.

Two months after finding Mel, he was adopted to a perfect, loving family.