On May 3rd, 2016 Hope Animal Rescues was contacted by Animal Control to assist with a dog whose owners had moved and left her in the back yard chained to a dog house.  She has been there for 3 weeks without food or water, until the neighbor called Animal Control.  When Animal Control arrived, they thought the dog was decreased, as she could not, would not move.  

Across the United States, dogs just like Malu are abandoned every day with no way to care for themselves.  Alone and uncertain of their future.. they cling to the present, desperate for someone to notice them.  

Malu was found malnourished, 30 lbs underweight, with demodex mange over 95% of her body, an acute skin infection, anemic and had multiple open bleeding skin lesions.  

In the pictures above, you can watch Malu's amazing journey and transformation in just 8 short weeks.  

5/20/2016 - Malu's previous owners were charged for Animal Cruelty

Malu is doing very well today but still looking for her forever home.  Because she was tied up in that backyard, Malu was probably never properly socialized with other dogs, so she would be best as an only dog.  But she loves every person that she meets of any age.

Please consider adopting Malu today 

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