Gracie - A Hurricane Katrina Survivor


9/28/2014 - Today our hearts are broken....We knew this day would come....But wish it wasn't today...
Hope Animal Rescues was founded in the aftermath of what was the nightmare of Hurricane Katrina. The animals that were left behind would not let us sleep without doing something to help them...
The VERY first Pit Bull we had ever rescued was named Gracie, a dog that had been locked in a bathroom in a home in the 9th ward of New Orleans as her family fled and finally rescued 30 days after the hurricane.
She was the most loving, friendly and well adjusted dog we have ever known. She carried kittens around ever so gently, she took treats so softly that if you did not watch her take it out of your hand you would not know that she had taken it all.
She could give a kiss like nobody else and oozed an Ora of love and compassion.
She was adopted shortly after coming here and was stolen from the owner...We paid a $5,000.00 reward for her return and then had to remove her form the home fearing someone would take her again knowing what we would pay for her safe return. She made the news with that reward and was returned within 24 hours. 
 Because of that news story we met a wonderful family pretty far away that would give her the life she deserved with little chance of her ever being stolen again.
And so it was that she has lived with this wonderful family from that day on. She comes into town to board at our work so we get to see her at least once per year. 
The family adopted another little Pittie friend named Pepper from us when Gracie's older dog brother Beavis passed away.
Today about an hour ago, our dear sweet loving Gracie's heart stopped and she left this world.
We wish we could have kissed her goodbye and told her all the wonderful things she taught us about dog breeds. 
There has been no other rescued dog that has meant as much to us as Gracie did for she was our first. there is nothing like your first.