Welcome to probably one of the most important programs for Hope.  

While most of our dogs are here awaiting a home, some are up for adoption but due to some behavioral issues, may take longer than usual to get a new home. This can be due to mental abuse, neglect, lack of socialization or pending medical conditions. In either case, our little four-legged buddies need a virtual friend.

Then we have dogs that are sadly not adoptable due to severe medical conditions and are not able to leave our facility.  As much as we want all of our dogs to get a home of their own, it is simply and sadly, not possible.

Our monthly sponsorship program allows you to virtually “adopt” one of our dogs and help support he/she through a monetary donation that can be deducted automatically through Paypal or you can send a good ole fashioned check.

There are several monetary options available through the drop down menu under each dog’s name.  You can choose whichever fits your budget $25, $35, $50, $100).

Our sponsorship program can also make a great gift for those that can’t actually adopt a “real” pooch but instead can have a “virtual” companion.  You can also send specific gifts for your sponsored dog.  They love receiving their own presents!


To start your monthly donation of $25 to sponsor a dog - enter the name of the dog you would like to sponsor and then click on Subscribe.

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