Sheldon is an 8 yr old male Border Collie/Lab Mix. Hope received a call from Animal Control regarding a dog that they had just picked up who had been hit by a car and needed immediate medical care. Hope responded and rushed Sheldon to a Specialty care hospital in St. Louis where he received the very best of care… Sheldon’s previous owner was never found so now he is looking for a Forever Family to call his very own. He is ok with other dogs but has not engaged in play or rough-housing. He prefers to sit back and just enjoy the scenery.

Alex & BG

On Tuesday January 2, 2019 one of our long term volunteers lost his battle with ALS.
He left behind his 2 Very much loved dogs. We would like to find a hospice foster ( Hope pays for medical) for them for what ever time they have left.
We do not want to separate them after all they have been through.
BG is the Shepherd looking one, she is 13 and in good health.
Alex is the Rottweiler, he is 10 and does have some hip issues but otherwise also in good health.
They are both well mannered, very easy dogs to care for. 
PLEASE help by opening your home to these deserving dogs. It is Pat's last wish .



Apple 8 yrs old and still waiting for her forever family (needs to be the only pet and no small children please). She is house trained, very laid back and loving. Would be awesome in a home with older kids (teenages).

- She LOVES people
- She's potty trained 
- Is good in her crate while her humans are at work
- Total couch potato (most of the time), but is also down for an adventurous walk
- Walks pretty well on a leash
- Has the best pitty smile you've ever seen
- Is an independent lady, but also loves cuddling
- Always greets you with a wiggle
- Is the perfect client at the groomers and enjoys going (also calm and collected at the vet's office!)
- She needs to be the only pet to soak up all of the love and attention and no small children please.

We love her so much, and know she could make the right family so happy. If you're interested or know someone who is interested please fill out an application at 


Clayton is an 8 yr old Boxer mix male. He was the only survivor of a litter of puppies who were rescued from Union County Animal Control along with their mommy.Clayton has a neurological issue that prevents him from running like a normal dog.He is also partially blind in one eye.He LOVES almost everyone, dogs, (no tiny dogs or cats) adults, he has a wonderful nature even with this disability.  Because of this limited vision, he would do best with a home without small children. He will get to live a long happy life as his issue will not affect his years on this earth, just his ability to run like a normal dog. Please give this amazing survivor a place to call forever.

Clayton's Sponsors are Holly Robeen and Julie Poulos



Tigress is a 9 year old Blue Healer female. Her owner was admitted into a nursing home that does not allow dogs so now she finds herself homeless. She is blind so she will be scared and reactive for the first couple weeks to get use to her new surroundings but once she is acclimated she is such a sweet girl.  She likes belly rubs too,. She has been fine with other dogs, doesn't really play so she would not like a young dog constantly bugging her to chase them.  A nice senior female would be perfect for her if she could pick her person out herself that is what she would choose. She is a very good dog and calm easy going girl.

Sponsored By:  Susan Atkinson


Terry is a 9 year old female American Staffordshire Terrier. She was rescued from Chicago Animal Control where she had been dumped by her owner, most likely because she was going to have puppies. She came to us scared and shy with not much trust of people at all.  A couple weeks after rescue she gave birth to 10 puppies, those puppies were not born healthy thanks to everything mommy had been through and four passed away. Today Terry is VERY healthy! Everyone she catches a glimpse of might have a treat so she follows everyone until they notice her; she then sits all pretty just like in this picture. Terry does not do well with female dogs, nor cats, or small dogs of any sex.She needs a home where she can be the only dog, and have an endless supply of treats

Sponsored By:
The Schultz Family - Steve, Danielle and Josh


Thank you to Rocky's Sponsor
Briana Coleman

Rocky is a 8 year old Boxer mix male who was rescued from a horrible life.  He was abused and neglected and has some scars from that both physically and emotionally. Rocky has a limp that is permanent from his abuse. He loves other dogs and plays well with them. He is shy with strangers for about 2 minutes. He is knee high and chunky.

Patsy II

Patsy is a super sweet 8 year old mix breed dog. She is adorable in person, seems to be okay with other dogs but do best in a home with no other dogs. She loves kids and adults, is house trained and always has a smile to show off. She is the perfect age, past the chewing stage, past the chasing stage, past the ADHD stage and really listens well. Patsy weighs 72 lbs. She would do best with a dog with the same light activity nature.


Hazel is a 8 year old Pitt Mix and a diva in disguise. She prefers to be the only dog because no other dog can compete with her beauty. She is well mannered in the home and loves ALL people. She has the most stunning hazel eyes I have ever seen and the whitest of teeth to just knock you out when she smiles. Hazel weighs 70 lbs and her coat is a chocolate brown that has very pretty highlights when she is in the sun. If she were a human I am sure she would be a model.


Cherry is a beautiful Shar Pei mix Female. She is estimated to be about 8 years old. She is picky about her dog friends as is common with the breed. She likes all people but would do best with a family with no small children and for someone who knows this breed she will make a wonderful friend. She is very well mannered. 



Sponsored By:  Melody McGowan


Princess was rescued on her last day of life from animal control in Chicago Illinois.  She is a very pretty tan/white Pittie mix girl. She LOVES people, LOVES them all. But she does not like other girl dogs or cats. Princess would love to have all the attention she can get, belly rubs, walks, car rides, you name it as long as she is with her person she is happy. Princess is about 8 years old and weighs nearly 50 lbs.


Patsy is a 8 year old Black Mouth Mountain Cur female. She is oh so friendly and playful with people but would do best as an only dog.  Patsy will do best in an active home, not an apartment. She is a smart girl who is always willing to learn new things and whoever is lucky enough to take her home is gonna have a really good dog friend in Patsy. Who could not fall in love with that face?


Oso is a 8 year old Golden Retriever/Sheltie mix male. Oso is house trained, walks well on his leash, and only weighs 32 lbs. Oso being of the herding breed needs a strong owner with no small children in the famly. If you are not consistent with him he will be hard to handle. Oso has been going to daycare and plays well with every dog we have introduced him to, he is handled in doggie daycare by both males and females and does well with both. Oso was rescued on his last day of life from animal control. We know that his previous owner was male and he does tend to listen better to males than females, but he can be a great dog for anyone who understand the herding breeds personality. This guy is super cute, and just a great little guy.


Mandy is a 8 year old PitBull Terrier female who is a pretty silver brown color.  She is not good with other dogs and we think she was seriously mistreated as she is very submissive with people like she has been beaten. She is gentle with humans and enjoys walks through the park. She is house trained, rides well in the car, likes belly rubs and walks well on her leash. Mandy is a very sweet loving dog who has obviously not been treated like a part of a family though her actions will tell you in a heart beat that she truly wants to have a chance at being treated  as a loving member of a family. If you are considering a dog please consider this sweet mistreated girl.  She will pay you back ten fold for your act of kindness.


Jewell is a very sweet and friendly 8 year old Blue Pittie female. She was confiscated from a home during a domestic violence call. She loves kids, and all people. She is good with other dogs and even cats. This pretty girl was taken with her sister Dory to animal control where they were to be euthanized because their owners had such a bad home. Sad that her little life would have to end just because of who her owner was. Jewell and her sister are bonded so we are trying to find them a home together.


Izzy is a female PitBull Terrier about 4 years old. She does not go well with other dogs and is searching for a home where she can be the only pet. With people she is the biggest love bug ever! She is good with kids, adults, seniors and everyone in between. She is house trained, crate trained, walks well on leash, can be trusted in the home alone free other than stealing your bed when you are not in it. This girl is the perfect pet for any family looking to adopt a dog who only wants to have one dog in their home