Bubby & Sissy (Bonded Pair)

Bubby and Sissy are available for adoption...Their adoption fee is $400.00 due to our higher costs and they absolutely MUST go home together. They are Goldendoodles.
They both have been groomed as they were very matted when rescued. They have current Rabies,Boosters, Bordetella, heart worm test, microchips and are altered (spay/neuter).
They are house trained and well mannered dogs.

Cooper - Adoption Pending

Meet our sweet Cooper!
They say he is 10 years old, but I am not sure we believe that. His eye's are not cloudy at all and if you seen him play ball you would swear he is only 7 or 8....
He is a Jack Russell Terrier and good with other dogs, He doesn't mind cats either...
He must go to a home where they have tennis balls and would not mind sharing their bed and allow him to crawl under the blankets to sleep as that is the only way he WILL sleep.
He is completely house trained and a very good little guy.

Sheldon - Adoption Pending

Sheldon is an 8 yr old male Border Collie/Lab Mix. Hope received a call from Animal Control regarding a dog that they had just picked up who had been hit by a car and needed immediate medical care. Hope responded and rushed Sheldon to a Specialty care hospital in St. Louis where he received the very best of care… Sheldon’s previous owner was never found so now he is looking for a Forever Family to call his very own. He is ok with other dogs but has not engaged in play or rough-housing. He prefers to sit back and just enjoy the scenery.

Alex & BG

On Tuesday January 2, 2019 one of our long term volunteers lost his battle with ALS.
He left behind his 2 Very much loved dogs. We would like to find a hospice foster ( Hope pays for medical) for them for what ever time they have left.
We do not want to separate them after all they have been through.
BG is the Shepherd looking one, she is 13 and in good health.
Alex is the Rottweiler, he is 10 and does have some hip issues but otherwise also in good health.
They are both well mannered, very easy dogs to care for. 
PLEASE help by opening your home to these deserving dogs. It is Pat's last wish .



Hayes - 5 year old American Eskimoo male. Hayes weighs 21 lbs. I love this dog! He is perfectly house trained, NEVER has an accident. He does okay with other dogs as long as they are not crazy hyper in your face dogs. Hayes has one flaw and one flaw only and that is he is timid with hand motions. This only last for a short time but he absolutely cannot go home with any children at all! he would do best in a home with structure and routine's as he has a little OCD himself. Likes his bed kept neat, his fur kept clean and his food tidy in his bowl. lol
He is very affectionate with his humans...But again terrified of hand movements and quick approaching things like kids.


Arrow, a 5 year old German Shepherd male.  He is a BIG boy but oh so gentle with people. He has lots of energy & needs to be reminded once in awhile to mind his manners but he tries very hard to be a good boy
(Arrow may not live in the city of Alton because his owners let him run at large and he killed a 4 lb Yorkie. We still do not know if he meant to as the dog had no bite marks but it is what it is)
He will need to be an only dog and he will only be allowed to go home with an experienced dog handler. He cannot ever be allowed to roam at large again.