Rilee is a 6 year old Mountain Cur female. She is a little shy in social situations only because she has not had very much experience with them. Nothing a little social skills will not correct. 

She is house trained, she does well with most dogs, especially males or females that will listen to her.  She is very active, loves water and is an awesome girl.  She weighs 57 lbs.


Patsy is a 8 year old Black Mouth Mountain Cur female. She is oh so friendly and playful with people but would do best as an only dog.  Patsy will do best in an active home, not an apartment. She is a smart girl who is always willing to learn new things and whoever is lucky enough to take her home is gonna have a really good dog friend in Patsy. Who could not fall in love with that face?

Lucky Girl

Lucky girl was tossed out of a truck on a dead end street, she wasn't eating when she was rescued and we learned she was terribly sick with Parvo. She went through several days at the hospital where she made a full recovery and is now hoping to find a nicer family than the one's that threw her out of that truck. She is 5 years old, and a Mountain Cur mix. Lucky is active, playful, and VERY smart. But would be best in a home as the only pet.


Kelton is a 4 year old Mountain Curr dog. He is friendly,active and smart. He does good with some other dogs but does not like to share his food or toys , He would do best in a home with no small children. He likes all people and enjoys car rides, the outdoors including camping we hear. This type of breed is very good for outgoing families he will enjoy anything you want to do right along with you. Check him out.

Sponsored By: Susan Ramey