Our Rescue Started...


Being two people deeply affected by the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and the suffering of the animals.  On November 15th, 2005 a group of pets arrived in Alton Illinois; some of them were from the hurricane others from surrounding animal control facilities that use the gas chamber to euthanize to make room for the Hurricane Katrina dogs coming to them .  We worked with those animals and after seeing the hope in their eyes and the spirit of their souls we took our first steps to the work we are doing today. 

We are a true RESCUE.  We pull animals on their last day of life at animal control facilites and we work with Animal Welfare Agencies at the City and State level regarding the abused and neglected, so that they may find a true second chance within our adoption program.  

Today we are a non-profit corporation and our mission is one of compassion for the homeless and rehabilitation for the physically and mentally abused.  Our goals are to promote spay/neuter, stop the use of gas chambers to kill our homeless pets, and to educate people on how to treat all animals with respect and dignity. 

Founded November, 2005
Jackie Spiker and Kim Lee

Mission Statement 

We are an all age, all breed, no kill rescue.  We as Hope Animal Rescues save dogs on their last day of life from animal control facilities and provide them a true second chance in our facility and our adoption program. We believe that all pets should be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness. We believe in showing compassion and working to rehabilitate abused and abandoned pets. At Hope Animal Rescues we educate people and our communities about the importance of these principals as well as the importance of spaying and neutering to reduce the number of abandoned pets.